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Chris Baxter's baskets

That is what I am learning. I’ve been learning since 2011. I thought it would be, well, if not easy, then fairly straightforward and, well yes, simple. Turns out it is far from simple, but it is fascinating, demanding and exacting. And I am still learning.

I have recently had the excellent good fortune to be the subject of a short film by Filmmaker Peter Hatter, click on the link below to view:

The Basketmaker – Chris Baxter

I have an excellent teacher in Jane Jennifer who is passionate about her work, exacting in the execution of her craft and constantly pushes me to aspire to produce baskets that are the very best I can do, not just  ‘it’ll do baskets’. I am very grateful for her nagging unfailing encouragement.

As a sculptor the three dimensionality and the honesty of the materials ‘speaks’ to me. I’m enjoying finding out what I can do with willow.

As a member of the Basketmakers Association I share their aim “to promote the knowledge of basketry, chairseating and allied crafts . . . ”